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Stone Properties | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Stone Properties

Features and recommendations for useing Gems

According to ancient beliefs gemstones possess magical powers, every stone and the power attributed to her,

The following list features gems and the attributed to them:

Protects the wearer against spiders, plagues and evil spirits, cure pain damaging the left ear
Darkened when the owner threatened by disease or disaster.
Brings luck in settling disputes, helps to accumulate assets and bring loyalty and sensory reception ability.

Blood stone, or Heliotrope:
According to legend, during the Crucifixion, Jesus’ blood dripping on the stones beneath the cross, which became the “stones of blood,” this stone
brings good luck and health, and the power to stop hemorrhages.

Moon Stone:
Improves the memory and brings the carrier of her, prophetic, poetic and inspiring dreams

This stone protects against poisoning and fears, removes hallucinations and brings prophetic dreams, wisdom
Talent for speech and clear thoughts

Stone keeps the one who wears her from epidemics venomous bites, the rock is considered as a virtue, energy, Self confidence
Speech talent to her wearer.

This stone brings love and loyalty, fits 45 years of marriage

Has the power to preserve and protect the sailors and children, to keep “evil eye” especially valid protection
infertility and injuries by lightning.

Stone that can cure a toothache, rheumatic pain, headache, cough, and keep
On the same topic from bad luck and magic.

Onyx stone:
Is considered lucky and fortunate for some people, but not for other. A symbol of gloom and sadness can cause quarrels between friends, has the power
To subject her barrier wisdom and protection against witchcraft.

gemstone that has rapid healing properties of wounds virtue, removal of nightmares and reduction of depression, has the power to bring true love to

symbolizes innocence and youth brings harmony and luck to sailors

According to faith the color pales in the presence of traitor, she can protect her bearer from dysentery
Cure venomous bites, have the power of this stone to strengthen ties and increase the love
and cheerfulness of the her bearer , may also improve vision by looking at this stone.

Rock crystal;
According to faith the water where the stones are placed in them have healing powers, this stone has the power to bring
speech talent and intelligent, and expel the dead spirits, symbolizes purity and enlightenment

Zitine, golden color;
Has the power to arouse love and permanence, moving to strengthen state matters, and cure insomnia

brings luck especially if it is given as a gift, the belief is that if the blue turquoise turns to green if the person who brought you the gift needs help
The power of the stone to soak optimism, happiness and peace of mind,
Brings luck to the subject it, this stone protects if the bearer on the road, keeps away spells and evil spirits,
cure malaria, heart disease, problems related to any eye infections or nose. When the owner of the stone is sick the color
of the stone pales.

Symbolizes divine power, purity, and the conquest of desire could drive away ghosts and protect the bearer from
Poisoning, has the power to heal the pain in the right eye of bearer. If it is placed on the left side of the body, could protect against evil spirits.

Iospah: (biblical) one of the twelve precious stones in the High Priest’s breast plate, jasper
Has the power to stop bleeding, help a pregnant woman, gives general good health, protects the bearer from witchcraft and ghosts.

This stone’s power to cure atrophied diseases and insomnia, help for pregnant women and protect the bearer
against lightning and poisoning.

The power to issue her bearer health and happiness, to protect from epileptic seizures venomous bites
Cure back pain and kidney disease.

This stone cure insanity, and raises her bearer prophetic dreams and cast him physical strength and optimism

Chrisulite: Olivine
This stone is a virtue for long love, kindness, good-natured optimism.

Lapis lazuli;
Stone with great mystical significance, symbolizes the mother earth, in powder form it used as an ingredient for creating
Ultramarine color, has the power to arouse universal love
Opal, Jacinth; (Jewish ritual) (biblical) one of the twelve precious stones in the High Priest’s breastplate
Symbolizes hope, has the power to strengthen the self confidence issue encourage loyalty and stay warm to the touch
If couples really love each other

The power to cure cholera and abdominal pain

The power to bring happiness and love for her bearer.

Garnet (Garnet) biblical one of the twelve precious stones in the High Priest’s breast plate, garnet ; touch, shade, characteristic
Gives her bearer leadership skills and ability to inspire loyalty towards him, When there is a danger to its owner, the stone changing her color, the stone symbolizes loyalty and guards her bearer from roads issue and evil spirits

Can heal ulcers, bleeding from the nose and disturbances in vision, pale when being approached by a treacherous person
Wearing it and prevent fear, symbolizes optimism clarity and truth.

Tiger Eye:
It protects the wearer against home burglaries, and increases confidence

Could cure a toothache, headache, rheumatic pain, cough, and keep her bearer against bad luck and magic.

Topaz (Topaz):
This stone cures madness and stops bleeding, helps in cases of insomnia, inflammation of the throat and visibility,
Problems associated with the right eye, keeping the bearers love and marriage and gives self-confidence
Believe that it changes the coloring in the presence of poison

Pearl symbolizes purity, it is considered helping new plants may stimulate creative imagination 
Shoham: biblical one of the twelve precious stones in the High Priest’s breast plate
This stone cure bites and stings, gives the bearer courage, stimulates loyalty and friendship, symbolizes

Has the power to protect people who are traveling, to cure toothache, migraines, epileptic seizures and tumors
Malignant, and to protect the carrier against spells and demons, magical stone were women tend to burn the stone
Like incense to ensure the return of their Husband from the journey.

Can cure throat ailments and liver and brings joy between partners