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Crystals | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah




Crystal stones made of crystals and minerals that originating from earth’s crust. Crystal’s definition includes stones, which were crystallized in the most precise way. There are six different crystallization forms, when the difference between them is the angles and axles of the internal stone structure. Unusual are Coral, Amber and pearls, which are associated with category of crystals, despite their amorphous structure. Crystallization of the crystals is very slow and requires a tremendous amount of energy that is stored and saved in the stone. Quartz, for example, used in computers, watches and science, in general, thanks to precise electrical pulses, which could conduct. Quartz, as mentioned, is known for emitting energy, as well as other crystals, when the energy of each type of stone depending on the mineral composition and color. For example, a stone containing a large amount of calcium, affects the bones and muscles. Stone composed of fluoride, affects the teeth and gums. The use of stones was common even in ancient times. There are evidences throughout history and can be found in various writings of Judaism and other religions, Greece, Rome and more. The stones were used for protection against evil spirits, from accidents, illnesses and injuries. Other stones were used to obtain wealth, love and healing variety of diseases. In some cultures, the stones were used as a status symbol when different legends evolved around the different stones and their use.

Originated in India, Canada and the United States.
Adds light, joy and optimism. Increases will and strengthens intellect. Increases sexual attraction to the one who wears it.

Originated in South Africa and Japan.
Activates the third eye and links between body and mind. Helps connect to the upper wisdom and increases the communicating with spirits capacity. It can distance hostility and ease physical discomfort.

Originated in Brazil, Namibia, Russia and the United States.
Reinforces self-confidence, helps overcome feelings of fear, guilt, remorse or self-pity. Strengthens the thyroid, thereby balancing the body’s metabolism. When people are treated by crystals, this stone is used for relief in cases of allergies and throat infections.

Originated in Brazil.
It balances the body energies, emotion and intelligence. Encourages decisiveness, enhances intuition and encourages progress to the goal. Treatment by crystals helps in treating the loss of sense of taste.

Originated in Brazil, Spain, Scotland and the United States.
This stone is known as “the business stone”, it increases wealth and keeps it. Causes a person to project determination and confidence. Treatment by the crystals helps to eliminate toxins from the body, stimulates the kidneys, liver and muscles.

Originated in Brazil, Spain, Madagascar, Italy and the United States.
Radiates power, relaxation and mental purity. Just because it is related to the higher energies of the person, it allows the brain to enter a state of awareness that is not affected by the thoughts or ideas.

Originated in Mexico, Australia, Spain and South Africa.
Helps to increase the senses. Provides relaxed energy, which causes the holder to be pleasant, polite and charming. Increases the capacity of leadership.

Originated in Brazil, Madagascar, Burma, Thailand and the United States.
The stone has energy of beauty, and it provides an impressive appearance to its holders. It helps increase the nature positive sides, giving encouragement in dealing with difficult situations.

Originated in India, Sri Lanka and Russia.
This stone is a stone of virtue and happiness (Midrash Talpiot). Provides good protection against “evil eye” and negative energies.

Originated in Madagascar and the United States.
Helps grounding and balance. Calming fears that related to survival and helps get things easily. American Indians used it as a protection against accidents, injuries and infections.

Originated in Brazil, Peru, Spain and the United States.
Gives an optimistic perspective on life, helps strengthen the will and creating harmony in relationships with others. Treatment by crystals helps to improve the cycle in the body and relieves indigestion.

Originated in England, China and Brazil.
Balances and relaxes the mental level, and by that increases the concentration and memory. Recommended during meditation.

Originated in Brazil and the United States.
Mainly known as “the stone of joy” or “the smiling stone”. Reinforces tolerance, and therefore it is good for relationship. Treatment by crystals helps in treating liver and kidney problems.

Originated in India, Uruguay and Brazil.
Provides protection, courage, strength, joy and blessings to move on. Creates an emotional balance, so it is good for those who have difficulty experiencing feelings. Strengthens sexual energies.

Originated in Brazil, India and the United States.
Increases communication, calming anger and despair. Helps in finding a higher existential dimensions guide. Helps to adopt new, healthy habits.

Originated in Peru, Chile, Zaire, Russia and the United States.
Provides an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Helps to balance the body and mind, and reduces the sense of guilt. Treatment by the crystals helping cleaning the liver, stimulates kidney and operates the spleen, and helps balance blood sugar.

Originated in Brazil, Mexico, Russia, India, USA and China.
Reinforces the confidence and removes negativity. Helps prevent confusion and embarrassment. Strengthen an existing love, and good for finding a spouse.

Originated in Argentina and the United States.
Helps heal subconscious emotional traumas. Reinforces the recognition of the value of self, self-love and self-identity. Increases awareness and is an emotional design.