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Feng Shui – More

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Theory of Feng Shui is based on the Chinese knowledge for almost 4000 years.
The meaning of the words Feng shui is wind and water. The theory has many applications, but here I suggest the theory as it is linked to home decor, and aesthetics of design.
Feng Shui is based on the principle of Qi (life energy), the belief related to Feng Shui design, argues that Qi flows correctly into the living room ensures calm peaceful and harmony in man’s life.
Feng Shui divided to streams is a number of approaches, as the western approach (which is implemented in countries like England, France and the U.S.) usually uses maps directions, divided into nine parts (North South North East etc.). One of Feng Shui main principles seeks to avoid situations or “poisoned arrows” in the living space. “Poisoned arrow” can be a sharp corner, niches and more. In feng shui, there is also a great reference to the location of furniture in the room, misplacement of objects may generate “poison arrows”, which hit the free flow of Qi. For example, according to feng shui theory, a door located in front of a window, is a Problematic situation because “door fronting the window smuggles opportunities.” thorough study of the theory offers design solutions to deal with problematic design, and gives tips to deal with problems that sometimes we are not aware for its existence.
For example, many houses in modern society are located near electricity source, or electricity poles reflected from apartment window and interfere with the free flow of qi.

People who are exposed to such a problematic design, will find themselves too tired or nervous.
To deal with the problem, offers the theory of feng shui to place flowerpots and window boxes in the window, and hide the troublesome energy source. Remember that feng shui theory, allows many people to change their lifestyle radically, just following the easy design of their environment. The right design can improve a person’s personal ability, his marital life, career and Inner happiness.
Unlike other Chinese doctrines, feng shui works instantly if you believe it or not, therefore can be applied, and see results earlier, even if you are skeptical.
Counseling many people as I do, I found that many times in what seemed that there was no solution, it is Feng Shui that proved itself, and changed for the better the quality of people’s lives.
For advice on Feng Shui please contact the webmaster Isaac, phone: +972-52-3250791 Good luck.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]