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Feng Shui – Tips | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Feng Shui – Tips



The idea of feng shui works on the flow of chi. The idea is to let the chi stream freely in the house. Here are some important principles:

Front door:

A. front door shouldn’t squeak. Squeaking front door is most negative Chi enters the house.
B. Front door should be opened completely to ninety degrees if it is impossible, make a sliding door.
C. window faces the front door smuggled opportunity. You should hang a clear crystal from the ceiling with red thread. The idea is that the crystal diverts the Chi and it will scatter in the house.
D. Ideal entrance to the house is straight into the living room, if this is not the condition, (eg entrance is in front of the kitchen) put an object caches the eye in front of the entry that would focus the eye to something positive: a beautiful image, decorative item, an object that creates positive energy in first impression.


A.It is desirable that all things will be fine to the eye of the beholder.
B. broken objects smuggles and damages the Chi, remove them from the house.
C. round table in the dining room brings together. Most importantly, an even number of chairs around it.
D. Above the dining area put a large picture of wealth (food wheat grain) it extends the economic abundance make a living at home.
E. Never put a dry plants, they inverse the opposite situation from abundance

Living room:

Since it is the heart of the house, arrange it according to the table (attached to a separate file.) According to directions and colors encourage chi.
Important principle is that the sofa will not be placed with the back to the door, this is an energetic blocks you need to allow chi flowing and open


A. It is unhealthy to sleep with legs turned to the door. It harms your health.
B. Soothing pastel colors on the wall should produce harmony, and curtains from soft fabrics.
C. Do not store shoes under your bed or all kinds of other things under the bed. Bedroom Chi will help energy flows free.
D. Soft lighting used with a dimmer or candles

“Poison arrows”

A very common expression in feng shui theory, represents the fact that the Chi has a problem with a particular room. Poisoned arrows create sharp shelves, sharp Non-symmetric corners and niches and crypts. To overcome the “poisoned arrow”, should soften it with a pleasant light, a plant (the plant must have leaves) wide green, pointing upwards[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]