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Guess based on cubes | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Guess based on cubes

cubeDraw a circle whose diameter is about 30 cm on a piece of paper laid on the table, throwing three dice over the cycle from a height of 25 cm.
interpreting the results is as follows:
One cube rolling out of the circle – unsuccessful plans.
Two dice Rolling outside the circle – an argument.
Three dice rolling outside the circle – good luck.
Cubes falling on the floor pointing on irritation and concern expected in the near future.
Once thrown the dice, add the numbers, if the amount is less than three (not count those that rolled out of the circle) through does not considered you need to make another shot.

Chart interpretations:
Three: unexpected developments.
Four: dissatisfaction, disputes, strife.
Five: wish fulfillment, a stranger will bring good news.
Six: financial loss, weakness.
Seven: delays in business.
Eight: reckless activity will lead to trouble.
Nine: engagement, marriage or reconciliation.
Ten: birth, promotion.
Eleven: a loved one will travel.
Twelve: an important letter may contain good news.
Thirteen: passing desperation.
Fourteen: a friend will help you overcome difficulty.
Fifteen: Better be careful now in word and deed.
Sixteen: a pleasant and useful travel.
Seventeen: Change program.
Eighteen: success, happiness

For a more accurate guess, divide the circle to twelve equal parts each represents a separate field:

1. Events in this year
2. Financial affairs
3. Travel
4. Home
5. Present
6. Health
7. Love
8. Legal Affairs
9. Present spiritual state
10. Careers
11. Friends
12. Enemies

Throw the dice above the divided circle, the number of each cube is interpreted depending on the part she falls:
One emerge of encouraging trends.
Two: Success based on friendly relations and understanding.
Three: victory.
Four: disappointment.
Five: Good news.
Six: uncertainty.
Then you calculate the total amount of points to summary read; use your imagination and intuition to give fragmented and unclear information significance.