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Zodiac Health




In the past doctors used to cure the people in accordance with astrology and so they could diagnose the patient and the effect of disease on his body, but due to many acts of fraud the faith of people went down and received bad reputation. Today a growing number of professional therapists combine the art of healing with amazing success.


Aries:Aries rules the head and brain, eyes and face Carotid arteries. Aries is a man of action, controls the athletic sports and war, is quick tempered and tends to outbreaks.
Aries generates heat, so when he’s sick with the flu, colds or other diseases will be warmer two or three degrees from normal body temperatures.
Aries people have a strong desire when they are sick they struggle to recover, something that always helps the healing, they love life and hate to give up the grip.
Typical diseases are: nerve pain, inflammation fever, blood brain lump, bald, headache, dizziness, eye diseases, toothache.
Taurus:Taurus is a solid type of person with a thick neck particularly sensitive ears, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, thyroid, cerebellum neck and carotid artery.
Outstanding bull persistently, he will not give up or despair well as disease when he is sick, he stubbornly clung to the disease, he is afraid of an illness but often tends to fall victim to hypochondria illness because he was afraid of it, the Taurus almost always tend to obesity after thirty, developers double chin.
Typical diseases of the Taurus are: strep throat, tonsillitis, diphtheria, swellings of the throat glands and stroke.
Gemini:Gemini’s sensitive spots are arms, hands, shoulders, lungs, salivary glands, upper ribs trachea, bronchial tiniest capillaries near the skin edges of the hands and feet, breathing and blood. Gemini are sensitive and nervous people, they tend to suffer more than others in weakness of nerves, they show little interest in health or habits for maintaining health and are therefore easily catch a cold and suffer from tuberculosis then members of other signs, mental attitude helps them overcome the disease.
Typical Gemini diseases are lung diseases, bronchitis, asthma and Cervical inflammation and diseases related to nervous system

Cancer:Places that affect the sensitivity of Cancer are: esophagus, uterus, ovaries and lymphatic nervous system, digestive tract nerve sheath, Cancer tend to suffer from problems in the stomach, diaphragm, liver, chest tube, digestion, blood serum pancreas and Gastric ulcer cancer women suffers breast problems. They like to eat and tend to overstate causing them bad digestion, prolonged hiccups and swollenness. Many diseases cause cancer due to incorrect diets, Cancer ignore good advice and do the opposite.

Leo:Leo’s are loaded with a lot of energy, generally their health is strong and virtually no disease, they do not easily succumb to disease and when they are sick, they recover quickly.
Diseases characteristic of the Leo are heart disease, and spinal cord – especially back problems and spleen. Sometimes a lack of blood.
Virgo:Virgo people are bitter and fragile, when they are sick they find it difficult to heal, they are controlled by events and circumstances rather than control them. When Virgo people decide they are seriously ill they tend to deteriorate into a state of chronically disabled, their medicine cabinet is similar to a pharmacy.
Virgo’s sensitive places: are the intestines, stomach, liver and spleen duodenal ulcers and nervous system oversees this area so they suffer from constipation or diarrhea, appendicitis inflammation, Peritonitis, cholera, dysentery, intestinal catarrh and worms.
Libra:Libra does not excel in a strong body, they are most sensitive then all of the other signs, elevating mood changes to depression mood, they are the world idealists and disappointment can cause them disease therefore characterization of their diseases causes unnecessary stress.
Libra’s sensitive places: kidneys, the waist area, skin, urinary tract and thus their characteristic disease are kidney inflammation, and disfunction of the kidney that causes urinary problems and diabetes.
Scorpio:Scorpios are considered cruel and unpleasant type and bad temper, they tends to get heated arguments, advocates fiercely opinionated. Some are mysterious and withdraw types and some are sensual.
Diseases characteristic Scorpios are: diseases associated with reproductive organs, outgoing transitions pipes provisions, hemorrhoids, syphilis, runny nose, inflammation of the uterus, prolapsed uterus and problems in the womb, Formation of the prostate gland
Sagittarius:Sagittarius are frank and trusting, he trusts the doctor and soon found half way to recovery, he’s a strong and healthy active type.
Sagittarius controls: waist, hips, vertebral bypass, thighs, Warp nerves typical characteristic diseases are: sciatica, rheumatism ignition system of the body, which is a chronic nervous disease a consequence of the prevalent tertiary syphilis
Capricorn:Capricorns are characterized as tough towards others, they are strong and impressive, and are not really sick they will not go to bed but once the disease gain control at them they are hard cured. When they are sick they don’t listen to anyone.
Capricorn typical diseases are: various eczemas, syphilis, leprosy, sprains of the body especially leg bones.
Aquarius:Aquarius people have mood swings and those charge the price of the nervous system, reflected poor health, so they tend to a nervous breakdown. When they are nervous, they know it and can slow down; they fill like they have ants under the skin and when they see it they know to slow down.
Typical Aquarius diseases are: diseases of nerves, especially a general nervous weakness, varicose veins, swelling of the legs usually caused by circulatory disorders.
Pisces:They have negative character type that makes them to give up too easily or not to resist, so he tends to obesity drinking intoxicants and twice become addicted to drugs when a patient is filling your doctor, he lies in bed to get better.
Fish are typical diseases: warts bumps, feet and toes twisted ascites tumors.

Note:Not everyone who is born a lucky guys are born lucky, a lot depends on luck if it is locked and if the dominant star has a strong impact on the delivery map, if it is affected by a certain understated to some great positions of the planets in one house can make a tremendous difference in the characterization of Fortune.