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Lucky number and the meaning of colors | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Lucky number and the meaning of colors

Most people do not attribute importance to colors in our everyday life, but colors could have an impact on our lives, on our personality, the way others react to us or our moods. Colors have the ability to increase our potential and of course a major impact on those around us.

There are several ways to calculate everyone’s colors. The best known shape is numerological calculation or the lucky number of each one. You can calculate your lucky number at the site under stars and sign or click here. Each number has other colors that gives him uniqueness or general balance, increases or reduce stress, balancing feelings or energy. In one of the times I communicated in the past I learned to calculate the three basic colors of luck we need to balance our aura or improve our spiritual capacity. Every person is an entire world, of course we have both good and bad, evil is always against our surrounding but in the end he comes back to us. The role of the three lucky colors is to balance our environment and maintain high spiritual balanced energy. Those colors are attached to us in our daily life and help us to succeed in any action or way, hence the name lucky color.
Each number has unique lucky color that tells a lot about the nature of a person. Here are the details of the numbers and their properties anyone can check out the lucky number on the site then check out the properties here.

No. 1- yellow and Gold
People associated with the number 1are ambitious and like to impress others. They are optimistic and have a big heart and love to help others. They are happy people full of joy, able to handle any situation. They either like yellow or gold paint or hate it but they are not indifferent to it.

No. 2 – Blue
People associated with the number 2 are people who love peace and quiet around them, have relatively small ambitions and settle for less to themselves. Have high spiritual inner peace; they have a bit of selfish and a need to be alone from time to time. They either like Blue paint or hate it but they are not indifferent to it.

No. 3 – Purple
People associated with the number 3 are strong people magical capability and a strong will. They can convince people in their Righteous way in various ways. They have a striking personal charm, and soak in security and peace of mind on those around. They have self-esteem, and will do everything to win the sympathy of all. Their favorite color is purple.

No. 4 – Red
People associated with the number 4 are very competitive people, they have the ability push themselves forward to succeed and without support. They have a very dominant personality; they are very romantic people eager suitors, with physical and emotional resilience. They either like Red paint or hate it but they are not indifferent to it.

No. 5 – Orange
People associated with the number 5 are people with strong character, sense of humor and very smart people. They are good talkative people and know how to listen to others, very creative people always have a solution for everything, they are good conversation for those under pressure and have the ability to soothe them. They either like Orange paint or hate it but they are not indifferent to it.

No. 6 – green
People associated with the number 6 are conservative people who do not like radical changes, they need to be alone from time to time thinking deeply with themselves getting into confusion fast and it is hard to get into their privacy, any change undermines their security. Although it does not shown outside their favorite green

No. 7 – White, light gray
People associated with the number 7 are people who constantly seek protection from the outside world, know how to hide their emotions and do not share their thoughts with others, their preference is for solitude as possible, and their relations must be beneficial for them in any way. Mostly they live in two worlds. They either like White paint or hate it but they are not indifferent to it.

No. 8 – Light blue
People associated with the number 8 are people who build natural walls around them. It is difficult to make a connection with them, but who ever succeed is expected to good friendship. They are loyal to those around them, trying to help others even though they are not interested in help for themselves. The three lucky colors can make their life much easier. They like Light blue color with all its shades.

No. 9 – Brown
People associated with the number 9 are very materialistic people, they have more confidence is in materialism. They have a tendency to rebelliousness, and a need to prove their righteousness. They are people with high energy, and have ability to read the others, at difficult times they still have their sense of humor and eases their safer or low energy. The Brown color is their favorite.