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Lucky number

What is your lucky number?
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Write down your date of birth on the chart below. Then, click the button to find out your lucky number.
The number that is listed on the chart is your lucky number.
Please note, number 10 = 1

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Characters of your lucky number Characters of your lucky number

Lucky Number 1 Lucky number one is identified with the sun. It shows a person with a strong character, sometimes very stubborn, a person with a leadership ability who spreads power and self confidence around. He does things marvelous and likes to do it dramatically. Lucky number one person has creative and artistic skills, especially on the drama and acting side. This person needs always to be in the center of his surroundings attention and has a big ambition for respect, thing that can damage him and turn him to be an imperious person. In his personal relationships, the characteristic qualities are honesty, loyalty, love and warmth. He also tends to achieve a perfect relationship.


Lucky Number 2 Lucky number two is identified with the moon. This number shows a person with over sensitivity and introvertedness. It also shows a person who is affected by the people around him; therefore, he sometimes may be drawn into matters against his will. He has a strong bond to his family and home which induces a sense of security, and yet, he is afraid of dealing with unknown things. Lucky number two person needs protection, support and security feeling, but also knows how to give it. He likes to collect objects and fortune. He is influenced by memories, especially distant childhood memories. This is a sensitive and romantic person that takes care of his spouse and kids.


Lucky Number 3 Lucky number three is identified with Jupiter. It shows a person who loves freedom and open space. A person who can see the whole picture, a person with wide and open mind, optimistic and confident. Lucky number three person likes travels – real and intellectual at the same time. This person tends to many kinds of theories and sense of justice. The will to freedom causes him disagreements with his spouse.


Lucky Number 4 Lucky number four is identified with Uranus. It shows an original and independent person. This person symbolizes breaking conventions and usually has rebellious nature that will not follow others. People around him usually consider him unusual and different but their opinion doesn’t really matter to him. Lucky number four person is pursing justice and ready to fight for his way and opinions. His ideas can be brilliant sometimes but also fanatical.


Lucky Number 5 Lucky number five is identified with Mercury. It shows a person who knows how to express himself well. This is a charismatic person with a strong verbal ability. Lucky number five has characterized by fast and constant movement all the time. This person has sharp tongue and sometimes can be a cynical critic. Another feature that characterizes those people is adaptable and matching capability to different situations. Sometimes, this ability has been understood as a lack of principals. This person has to stay away from gossip.


Lucky Number 6 Lucky number six is identified with Venus. This person pays lots of attention to his appearance and he ascribes importance to beauty and aesthetics. Another strong side of this person, is the romance and the desire for love which accompanied by emotional experiences. Most of the time, those people are dependent on their spouse. Lucky number six person has the ability to analyze situations in different sides; he is a neutral person and aims to achieve a compromise. Most of the time, he is an objective person. Those people prefer peace and nature and are very much connected to the land and the rural environment. They also prefer to live in a private house.


Lucky Number 7 Lucky number seven is identified with Neptune. It shows a person with a tendency to repress his emotions, shy and withdrawn who doesn’t show his feelings often. Most of the time, it would be a sensitive and considerate of others person and identifies with others pain. This person has the will to help and be willing to give of himself and do for the others. Lucky number seven person has a desire to transcend above the material stuff and go to the mystical and spiritual channels. Sometimes, this person uses to escape from reality.


Lucky Number 8 Lucky number eight is identified with Saturn. It shows a practical and realistic person who analyzes the situation critically. This person has will and desire for progress, however, all gains will show up after a hard work, big effort and tenacity to succeed. Lucky number eight person has a strong determination. He is an independent person and doesn’t need others help. This person prefers familiar frames and routine, and he also characterized by over conservatism and conformity. Those people also like materialism and money.


Lucky Number 9 Lucky number nine is identified with Mars. It shows a person who doesn’t control strong impulses. It also shows a hot tempered person. This is a highly energetic and passionate person. This person will always be in the center of his surrounding and will always stand out above the rest. Lucky number nine person has a high self esteem. He does everything big, with lots of enthusiasm and tenacity to succeed. Those people talk straight and not much in a diplomatic way. Also use to put themselves in unnecessarily danger.