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Map of House Arrangement | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Map of House Arrangement


This map I arranged cannot be found anywhere in the world … it holds together
The five elements of color, and tips for interior design.
Modular Feng Shui Can be applied to every room,
While paying attention to every directions in different rooms, Or you can apply it at the global level of the house and then to all separate rooms which are part of the complex.

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North East corner individual development:
Fire of nine red candles element.
Should assume personal diary or other personal item.
Controlling color: tan yellow or brown. (Stability)

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North: Career Corner:
(Strengthening the career through a picture of a sailboat – all options open ahead of you),
Picture of the sea or any element with a view or spaces
Color controls: blue black (never yellow or green)

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North West: Travel and Support Corner:
advisable to put a Globe in the bedroom if – Travel and relations.
Living room family travel.
Working room – business travel.
Undamaged wooden globe
White and gold colors.

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East: Family and health Corner:
Contact with the souls of the dead of previous generations.
family picture of deceased’s and Favorite.
From their good part of life.
Green or Aqua Marine colors

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Center of home: what a person likes:
Beautiful element to focus at.

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West corner: creativity and joy.
Something one has created himself.
If there are no works of art can be pictures of.
White and gold colors.

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South East corner: abundance:
Waterfall, Designed to water the tree of man’s abundance.
Water flow direction should go in the center of the house.
Controlling color green.

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South: Corner of reputation:
Things to strengthen career
Books, clock, something with dynamic,
Even a plant with broad leaves facing up
To create an upward dynamic.
Controlling color: red to maximize energy

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South West: Corner of relations:
every pair of things lovebirds for example, a pair of rocks etc..
The Chinese put a pair of mandarin ducks.
Controlling color yellow or tan brown. Symbolizes the earth and stability.