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Palm reading | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Palm reading


The palm wisdom is divided into two areas:

Chirognomy – Study of hands shapes, including fingers and mounths.
Chiromancy – Study of the lines.


Palm size:

Relatively large hands, indicate interest in the information and the ability to perform a delicate and complicated job.
Small hands belong to the big ideas persons, indicate a quick thought and intuition, but also the carelessness and exaggeration of personal capability assessment.

Palm skin and sense:

Thin and dry palm indicates nervousness and shyness.
Thick palm indicates sensuality.
Weak palm indicates a tentative nature and laziness.
Stable and flexible palm indicates intelligence and moderation.


Prominent knuckles, indicate power of observation and concentration, and often the talent of science and mathematics.
Flat knuckles, indicate intuition, impulsivity and artistic talents.

Here are details on each finger individually:

Thumb – The thumb has a special importance palm reading, it represents the vital forces, pointing to the energy level of human nature.
Relatively long thumb, indicating intellectual power, sensitivity and strength of character.
Short thumb usually indicates the nature dominated by material pleasures.
Small and thin thumb points to the lack of resolution and endurance capacity.

The first link of the thumb (nail) represents the will, if it is developed, it indicates a strong cohesive personality. If it is narrow and pointed at the end, it indicates the energy wasted or unused.

The second link of thumb, is related to logic. It must be wide about the same as the first link, and then it shows intelligence, imagination and moderation. If it is thicker than the first link, it shows self-discipline, stubbornness and over caution. If it is thiner than the first link, it indicates indecision and emotionality.

Finger – This finger reflects the ambition and pride.
Long finger (middle finger along the length), indicates a strong desire to strength and will to succeed.
Short finger indicates high sensitivity, the nature of art and a tendency to solitude.
Straight finger indicates high observation capability. If the finger is curved toward the next, it indicates an introspective and withdrawn person.

Middle finger – This finger is controlled by the personality and represents it.
Long finger, indicates over dominance and difficulties in adapting to new situations and people. Prominent and thick finger indicates discretion and seriousness.
Wide finger, relative to the others, indicates pessimism, depression and sickliness.
Short middle finger, indicates impulsivity, intuition and imagination.

Ring finger – This finger represents the emotions.
Average size of a finger, indicates balanced person psychologically.
Long finger, indicates intuition and spiritual enlightenment.
Short finger, indicates emotional problems and difficulty to adapt to other people and demands of society.

Pinky – This finger represents the relations with others.
If it tends to stay away from the ring finger – indicate the difficulty in creating emotional attachments, and difficulty in expressing real thoughts and feelings.
If the first link a little bit long, indicates good control of language. If the finger is curved a bit, it could indicate a failure in integrity.

Length of fingers:

heandFingers are long, when the middle finger length is equal across the palm.
Middle finger, longer than the length of your palm, extremely rare. In general, long fingers (relative to the palm) indicate a highly developed intellect.
Relatively short fingers, point to the control of emotions.