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Magic and Incantations | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Magic and Incantations

Voodoo magics
The magic
The dangers of witchcraft
Spells and incantations
Death and magic
What is death?
Ritual vessels
Magical plants

Witchcraft is an activity designed to influence the reality by means of super natural. The term refers to rituals designed to perform magic. In the term “magic” lies negative connotation, both of sin and heresy and evil magician uses for dark rituals. These negative reputations are well preserved in the form of children’s fairy tales of the wicked witch.
From the perspective of long-established religion, the term “witchcraft” was a negative term for the pagan rituals of rival ethnic groups, seemingly inferior, desecrates the name and idolater. Monotheistic religions has always condemned the ones who deal in witchcraft, and saw a characteristic of polytheism (which calls Ako”m Judaism, Christianity calls Faganeizm), of an inferior culture.

Before you can begin to practice the techniques it is important to prepare yourselves well, for most of the spell work is the preparation and not the ceremony itself, After all you are the central element here. The main tools are your consciousness, your will of power your body, etc. and not the wand or candles.
Some magicians will enter a circle dressed in a torn cloak and holding in their hands dirty Pentagon, but many people do ceremonies every week when they are confused, their will power is weak and bodies are not ready. You should prepare and strive as if you were preparing to the Olympic Games then you Will achieve a level of magic star.