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Meaning of the name and date of birth
Our date of birth and name describes us, our character and behavior and can influence them.
What is the significance?
According to numerology for date of birth and name we have one number.
We can calculate the number.
How to get the number of date of birth?
For example: A person is born at 3.5.1977. The calculation is: 5+3+1+9+7+7= 32and now 3+2= 5
5 this number.
Main characteristics: leadership, dynamism, control and independence.
These people are real pioneers, brave, and have firm opinion.
Have a good concept, focused, honest and motivated, features that allow them to conquer the different goals one by one.
For them the only failure is to stop trying. These people tend to hide their feelings even from themselves, and prefer not to expose the deepest parts of them.
They want attention and consent from those around them, radiate strength, confidence and self-respect.
Career: In labor relations they have a tendency to dominance,
They will choose in every possible way to achieve their goals. Usually they are drawn to work independently, and when they decide to work in a frame, they will usually be in managerial positions.
What to avoid: when abusing their potential, their sin is selfishness, imperiously, stubbornly, in the persecution of dignity, exploitation and aggression often leads to cruelty.
Fulfillment: In order to succeed in their lives they must know the boundaries, be patient and balanced and feel part of the society while maintaining their individuality.
Main characteristics: high sensitivity and intuition, imagination, cooperation, love and trust. They think before they do things, look quiet and friendly, implementing diplomacy and tact, lovers of peace, enjoy spending time in circle of friends, fit themselves to their environment quickly, know to identify existing imbalances in people or things, to bridge the social gaps.
Career: They believe in teamwork, and often prefer to give priority to others. They are not competitive or leaders, And usually they know and can carry out others plans the best.
What to avoid: when abusing their potential, their sensitivity causes them to loss self control outbreaks,
They become critical, easily hurt, disappointed from their environment and suffer restlessness and moods They tend to shyness, emotionality, lack of confidence, excessive self-indulgence, negligence and idleness and develop an ongoing dependency.
Fulfillment: they have to learn to be more determined, to develop self-confidence and dignity, take their stand and careful from fantasies
Main characteristics: freedom of speech and expression, creativity, good communication, mobility and joy.
They love children, talented, very intuitive, imaginative and generous, enjoy talking about everything and strive to understand fellow-man. They have a tendency to perfection; have no patience to non important issues and sensitivity to internal matters. They tend to be very good friends and appreciate honesty, sincerity and genuine friendship.
Career: These people are called to serve others, and they are given the opportunity to do so in every possible way, both public and personal life. To succeed they must learn to concentrate and focus.
What to avoid: when abusing their potential, they tend to disperse forces, thoughts and resources, attracting attention to themselves and take care of their convenience. Sometimes seems that they never grew up, and when they enter imbalance optimism becomes doubt, and the enthusiasm interpreted as stupidity.
Fulfillment: In order to succeed in their lives they must create happiness, and avoid absent-mindedness, self-skepticism, sadness and gloom, arrogance, extravagance, waste, lack of patience,
Lack of responsibility and free will at all costs.
Main characteristics: logic, order, intelligence, fixed frames, strength (physical too) determination.
Their guideline is to build a strong and stable base. They have a constant need for consistent security in all aspects of life.
Their high standards lead them to disappointment from the environment when it meets their standards and fail to stand them.
Career: These people possess the ability to a very good management and organization, skillfully and methodically.
Sometimes life teaches them to cope with various restrictions, which emphasizes their need for consistency at work and processing details.
Because of the need for security they invest many hours at work, and they must learn to balance that with proper rest.
What to avoid: when abusing their potential, they tend to stubbornness and over suspicion, Dominance and constant concern for their safety.
Fulfillment: In order to succeed in their lives they should avoid shortcuts, re-organization and develop more flexibility and lightness for themselves and the environment.
They have to expand their horizons and go with the advancement. They will do Well if they devote their time not only for material construction, but also mental and spiritual construction
Main characteristics: freedom, sexuality, desire to change, dynamic, good communication. Have the analytical capacity, remarkable adaptability, sense of distinction highly developed critical sense. Their verbal communication is the base to influence people and environment.
They crave to gain knowledge and put themselves in various challenges, which will form the base for creating frequent changes. Routine makes them restless.
Some tend to increase sexual engagements only for sexual relief. They may also get into questions about their sexual identity.
Career: The combination of their character allows them flexibility in thinking and practice in several areas simultaneously. They are charismatic entrepreneurs, who like their personal freedom.
Mental restlessness makes them run simultaneously in several directions in which they are able to control well. When responsibility lies on their head they tend to be moody. They like to take some calculated risks, and occasionally gamble to get fast money.
What to avoid: when abusing their potential, they tend to be non-decisive and irresponsible, bums who suffer from lack of peace of mind, expressed self-destruction, extremism, impulsively, atrophy, humiliation of others, clamor and impetuousness. With eloquence they can purchase
trust of those around them very easily, and take advantage of this to abuse, defraud, deceive and lead astray the trust.
Fulfillment: In order to succeed in life they better focus on their goals, Urges and internal control, learn lessons from those around them, open their doors and not escape experiences and responsibilities that only come through a better understanding of themselves and their environment.
Main characteristics: Love, harmonic surroundings, giving, beauty, esthetics. These people are talented and keep their stability and constant control.
They know how to give help to others, show sense of responsibility towards those who are close to them, maintain their individuality and are attracted to company. They are known to be family persons and wonderful hosts. these people have personal appeal novelty and developed sense of justice an appropriate processing of matters is highly important for them; everything has to have meaning and reasonable cause.
They are persons of values moral ethics and tendency towards perfection, sometimes eve exaggerated. they are usually loyal to those whom they love and reveal their feelings with no hesitation. Their motto in life is Love others as they were your own
They have a necessity to love and to be loved. life with no love seem pointless and empty to them
They are born teachers. Some are attracted towards the various arts. They can succeed in their deeds mainly while there is a power to motivate and encourage them.
Things to avoid: when abusing their potential, they can become immoral, lazy, cheap or spenders and live in constant fear and worry .
Also tyranny, selfishness, doubts, over criticism and nihilism will play major role in their life.
Fulfillment: In order to succeed they must realize that their full name is constructed of two equal and balanced parts, when this balance is disturbed they may encounter conflicts and unnecessary fights. They must learn to recognize their cons and create a loving harmonic atmosphere around them, since most of their issues are related to family and lack of love and appreciation.
Main characteristics: a rich inner world, curiosity, dreams. They were born with great inner knowledge and need a lot of free time to reflect, Learn, explore and deepen their thoughts, to continue on their way to fill batteries. They are intellectual types, with analytical mind and a tendency to philosophy.
They have strong intuitions, well-developed sense of mystical ability to heal the body and mind. They do not trust others; they lose their patience for those who do not understand them.
Career: they prefer to work alone or independently behind the curtains, and tend to perfection in all their actions.
Because of the difficulty to express correctly their emotions, most of their partnerships end in failure.
What to avoid: when abusing their potential, they enter a state of confusion between reality and what they see in their spiritual eye.
Usually they separate themselves from the environment, sink in bad moods sometimes become addicted to alcohol and drugs to escape from reality.
Some develops fear of abandonment that prevents them to deal with life.
Fulfillment: In order to succeed they must learn to grow and develop out of themselves. All answers are inside them. They would do well therefore to learn to control negative thoughts, and won’t let fears lead them.
They need to learn expressing themselves properly, and not expect others to understand them as they understand themselves.
Main characteristics: discipline, consistency, practical, authoritative, large concentration power.
They organize their lives thoroughly, like their homes and seek balance.
They know how to see both sides of the coin, and plan their steps to the target.
Sometimes they radiate the wrong impression of cold people. They have great energy and consistent, persistent and hot-tempered character. Very difficult to change their character. They are not always able to cope with the emotional side, fear to loss power and control, and they prefer to express themselves through the acquisition of expensive gifts and give financial security to their relatives.
Careers: People with very strong inner strength and ability to execute their plans.
They can be competitive and have good access to the business world.
What to avoid: when abusing their potential,
they tend to over-ambition and striving for power, authority and full control. Expressed by selfish, manipulative, not providing opportunities to others and destroying their environment. Are not always forgiving, and able to blame others in their actions.
Fulfillment: In order to succeed in their lives they have to learn to use the true secret of the balance they hold.
In most cases, life will teach them to deal with various limitations, to remind them their real capabilities.
Main characteristics: dynamic, energetic, justice, universal love, compassion.
They have a broad perspective and are very imaginative, gifted with understanding, magnetism, generosity and the will to help others, sympathy and generosity for the weak. These features give them warmth and love from which they feed.
Sometimes life teaches them to give up personal needs, and sacrifice themselves to let others get ahead, that they are guides for those coming after them. Usually they are not afraid of anything or any person and able to cope with all circumstances of the world. On the other hand they have strong energies and If they will not canalize, situations may lead to outbursts of irritability.
They tend to draw conclusions too early and implicate the results of their lives, and it’s usually not good for them.
Career: they are able to reach self-fulfillment and perfection through humanitarian service.
Their power comes from giving service, advocacy, teaching and training others, which will be done universally without waiting for recognition. They are intellectual types, outstanding in organization and management.
What to avoid: when abusing their potential, the domineering, Sarcastic, selfish, unnecessary irritability, lack of moral and self-control become an integral part of them.
Fulfillment: In order to succeed in their lives, they need to learn not to treat people, places, objects or habits personally, especially in situations of separation or loss. Their role is to be compassionate, not selfish.